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Real Estate Auction Review

In 2012, I was tasked with having to sell my personal property and Lake front property on Lake D’Arbonne, LA due to health issues. Home’s wasn’t selling very fast in Union Parish and elsewhere due to the economy for many people.

Being a widow and having to go through the business of selling (which I had never done) myself was scary. I knew a decision had to be made and soon. So I decided to have an Auction! July 2012, I called Mike Ackel & Associates, LLC in Monroe, L.A.

Mike and Cassy Ackel came out to my home. Mike presented several options and suggestions, and recommendations. Communication between us was excellent and right off his experience and expertise guided me to the successful completion of a very difficult task for me.

After months of being on a wait list … Mike Ackel never lost patience and stayed in touch with me. I finally got the call that I could move in. Mike’s company went to work then…I didn’t have to list items, organize, take photos…they did it all! All I had to do was move and not worry about anything. Rarely does a person and company possess this exceptional talent and trust. I MOVED!

June 8th 2013 AUCTION DAY. Within 44 days business transactions were finished! Mike Ackel & Associates, LLC successfully completed all work contracted. Exceptional… Yes! Over all Mike works with the highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of work methods exceeds expectations…I was ecstatic…and more then 100% satisfied!


I highly recommend Mike Ackel & Associates, LLC

Cora Rattle Farmerville LA

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