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With over two decades of experience working with bankruptcy trustees and individual small business owners, Mike Ackel & Associates Auctioneers stands ready to assist you in an orderly and timely  liquidation. Our appraisal team and layout team work hand in hand with you to successfully transition your business into liquid assets.

We have provided Louisiana and Texas businesses with commercial real estate auctions and business liquidation services in all facets of the economy including, but not limited to the following companies: jewelry, furniture, furniture distributors, industrial machine shops, antiques, bank ordered liquidations, bankruptcy/trustee sales, golf and tennis companies, sporting goods, lumber distributors, and many, many more.

Our knowledge and understanding of the difficult decisions business owners sometimes have to make, we work closely with our sellers to make the transition as smooth as possible. What we see at “typical” business liquidation sales is the best inventory is “picked over”, leaving you with leftovers that never get sold and nobody wants. At our live auctions, everything is sold in one predetermined day and you receive one check. When we are through, you can sweep the floors and move on.

If you would like to hear more about our commercial real estate auction and business liquidation services please contact us directly at 1-(800)-325-8207. Let us show you how easy it can be!

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