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Loiusiana Real Estate Auctions

Louisiana Real Estate AuctionMike Ackel & Associates has the proven experience necessary to help you generate the highest possible results from liquidating your real estate assets. We are you Louisiana real estate auction experts and have conducted multitudes of successful commercial, residential, and raw land real estate auctions throughout the years.

Our real estate auction services combine cutting edge marketing practices with exciting auction events. Our success in the real estate auction industry comes from our ability to match buyers and sellers through our proprietary accelerated marketing campaigns. This creates a competitive auction atmosphere that pits bidders against each other in order to find the true market value of the property.

Having conducted real estate auctions in Louisiana & Texas for over 23 years our experience speaks for itself. We have the ability to locate bidders from all over the country to create maximum exposure and competitive bidding for our auction clients. We understand that our job is not finished when the gavel falls. Setting the real estate auction industry standard with a stellar closing rate has been one of our company’s proudest achievements. This commitment to excellence is the reason for our success.

10 Distinct Advantages of Selling Real Estate at Auction

  1.  Bidders compete with each other for the top offer. No limit on upside-potential.
  2. Intense urgency is created by the advertising campaign, which generates a level of emotion not associated with traditional methods.
  3. Through competition and open bidding, the property achieves its true market value.
  4. Seller sets all sale terms.
  5. Predetermined sale date.
  6. Seller is removed from the negotiation process.
  7.  Holding costs are reduced by reducing the amount of time to sell.
  8. Property under contract in 10 minutes and closed in 30 days.
  9. Limited property showing or “Open House”.
  10. Buyer signs “No Contingency” contract and Property sold “as is”.

 Exceptional… Yes! Over all Mike works with the
highest level of honesty and integrity. The quality of work methods exceeds
expectations…I was ecstatic…and more than 100% satisfied! read full testimonial
-Cora Rattle



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